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Gamut of emotions

From laughing out loud to quietly sobbing, each episode brings on a gamut of emotions!! I love Bianca's ability to make each of her guests feel comfortable and free enough to share their stories. Even though all our experiences are not exactly the same, they are absolutley all relatable in their journey and their triumphs. This is definitely a podcast I will subscribe to forever.


An honest and beautifully imperfect look at the human experience. An uplifting and connecting experience!

Relatable podcast!

As a fellow perfectionist and therapist, this podcast is fantastic. Bianca has such a calming voice and I’m loving the topics so far. So relatable!

Real Life, No Filter

In a world where we see the enhanced, filtered, fuzzed, highlight reel view for everyone’s life EXCEPT our own, it’s easy to get discouraged dealing with our own mess in high definition. Listening to the authentic stories told and how open and vulnerable Bianca is herself, reminds me that I’m not alone. And like Bianca says, there is beauty in the mess. Guests share intimate challenges and triumphs and I enjoy that realness and feel truly encouraged after listening.

Honest Conversations

It Didn’t Break Me podcast does an amazing job of having the conversations that are considered too “taboo or controversial” in society, addressing the issues that many want to talk about but are afraid of the potential backlash. Through the podcast listeners are gaining insight; both in the guests and in themselves. Raw. Candid. Poignant. It Didn’t Break Me takes you on a personal journey to discover the hard truths.