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What’s something you thought would break you but it didn’t? The It Didn’t Break Me Podcast answers this question. Each season of, It didn’t break me, is created with the intention of being a safe space for honest and vulnera...

Recent Episodes

Our Stories Provide Hope, Relatability and Connection

Nov. 30, 2022

My first episode of the "It Didn't Break Me" podcast dropped on April 13, 2022 and now I am dropping the last episode of Season 2. This season, I again brought you amazing guests that not only share their stories but they al…

Choosing to Really Trust God with Robert McNair

Nov. 23, 2022

Having a hustle attitude, Robert McNair likes to win! Newly married, having a newborn, preaching every Sunday at his Church, his life plan was all coming to fruition. Until, nobody showed up to hear him give the word. With …

"Embracing the And" with Faith Broussard Cade

Nov. 16, 2022

After being hit from behind by a tractor trailer, Faith Broussard Cade thought she came out of it unscathed. The ambulance looked her over and she was not bleeding. Although a little sore, she didn't imagine anything could …

The Necessity of Men's Work with Has Al-Hasani

Nov. 9, 2022

There are many times when one situation in your life feels like it is going to break you. But sometimes, we ignore the every day small moments where we neglect ourselves or ignore the internal nagging that something doesn't …

Uncovering Your Internal Value with Tina Morales

Nov. 2, 2022

Tina Morales checked all the boxes. She went to college. She got her bachelor's degree. She was in a relationship. She had steady income. she was know in the club. From the outside looking in, she was living her best live. H…

Harnessing the Power of Mindset with Michelle Wolfe

Oct. 26, 2022

Michelle lost her mum at 8 years old to cancer and that shaped her life in all ways, including how she handles trauma. While experiencing a year of energy depleting overwhelm and sorrow, she reminded herself consistently tha…

About the Host

Bianca Kesha Hughes Profile Photo

Bianca Kesha Hughes

Bianca Kesha Hughes is setting boundaries and breaking barriers. She knows how to navigate life and discover true identity while trusting in God. Known for authenticity and heart-work services, Bianca is the ultimate trailblazer in the mental health and wellness field as a therapist, coach, speaker, and podcast host, inspiring her audience to let go of the illusion of perfectionism. 

She is deeply connected to her cultural values, and Caribbean heritage, and her foundation of faith is a source of light for everyone around her. A courageous and determined woman, she moved to America from London in her 20's to follow her dreams.

Bianca experiences her fair share of trials and pain but she heals through vulnerability and connecting to her authentic self. For this reason, she is passionate about breaking down the walls of perfectionism, encouraging her audience to connect to their authentic self while creating a safer place for them to be seen and heard.

Bianca created Authentically Be You Counseling & Wellness Studio, to help women dig deeper to uncover their greatest fears and tap into the inner turmoil rooted around perfectionism. Bianca continues to help women connect to their inner selves through self-awareness and vulnerability to essentially embrace their imperfections and authentically be themselves. 

Her podcast, "It Didn't Break Me," creates a space for honest and vulnerable conversations. Her guests share their transformational life stories around the messy stuff they didn't think they'd come back from yet they are still here. "It Didn't Break Me" podcast is a platform for people who are struggling with mindset shifts around perfectionism and being their authentic self, inspiring them to discover the beauty in the mess.